About Us

DigiLabs Inc was founded in 1997 and is privately held. The company has been engaged in consumer software development and publishing and in different Web based projects, our past customers and partners included among others, Apple Computers, Hitachi Corporation, Amazon, Yahoo, Excite@home, and others.

In December 2001 DigiLabs launched its digital imaging applications which are aimed to build a bridge between the exploding digital camera user population and the emerging technologies of digital on-demand printing, enabling every user to create and publish photo rich products, like photo calendars, photo books and cards, once only available to in large quantities and with the help professional designers. DigiLabs was one of the first solutions of its kind and is now the most used and popular desktop software for the creation of photo rich personalized products.

Our customers and partners include Kodak Retail Group, Xerox Corporation, Fuji Film, HP Indigo Canon USA and some of the largest retailers and photo labs in the world.

MyPhotoCreations - our popular desktop software - comes in 17 languages and is licensed to print service providers, photo labs, and retailers, in dozens of different countries. It can be also used for home printing and for ordering via DigiLabs.

  • High quality — Each creation is beautifully crafted and made of the highest quality materials. The finished items are meant to be treasured, and they live longer than the majority of online photo gift products currently available.
  • Desktop access — Since our free software is run from the desktop, users don’t have to rely on the strongest Internet connection or worry about high traffic slowing them down. Photos are uploaded only after a product has finished being designed.
  • Exclusivity — Many of our background designs and templates cannot be found anywhere else, meaning users can construct gifts and keepsakes that reflect their styles and special occasions.
  • Flexibility — Designed a photo book and now want to covert the images to a calendar? No problem. A single project can be designed once and then easily transferred into any other product.
  • Reputation — We’re powered by DigiLabs, which has been serving customers in around the world since 2001. DigiLabs has years of experience mastering the art of press printing and utilizes the most technologically advanced printing and binding equipment, enabling it to confidently stand by every product it delivers.


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