5 Amazing iPhone Calendar Applications

It may be the calendar on your wall or the one on your desktop, but calendars are life savors. They help us remember meeting, doctors appointments and birthdays. Without calendars, we would be lost. But because almost everyone has an iPhone, these five iPhone calendar applications have been proven to be especially helpful.

1. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is extremely convenient and flexible. With this application, you can quickly add events, set alerts, and email, call or message contacts quickly. If you add an event with a location, Fantastical 2 allows you to see where you should be going and how far it is from the location which you are at. You can customize your font size and your calendar theme. You can send birthday wishes and congratulations through texts, Facebook, or other messaging applications. If you would like, you can even change your calendar app to be in French, German, Italian or Spanish.

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2. Sunrise Calendar

This application is known for its aesthetic look, its simple usage and effectiveness. Sunrise gives you an overview of your daily agenda and can also view your week, month and year. It connects directly to Google Maps and allows you to find and look up directions to your destination. Sunrise connects contact photos, the weather, Facebook events and even birthdays. It is easy to use and events can be added quickly and efficiently. Sunrise syncs to your Google Calendar and autos fills events into your new calendar system. It also fills out locations for your events as you type them in and uses helpful icons to distinguish between different types of events, such as meetings, phone calls, or sport games.

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3. Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant allows you to color code your calendar, view it in a monthly, weekly or day view, and pop ups events when tapped on. When you are having a meeting with someone, you can simply start typing their name and all of the contacts with that name will appear. You then choose the contact you want, and it will automatically sync the contact information with the event, making it extremely simple to call, text or email the person if needed. If you create a trip with Pocket Informant, the app will automatically change the time-zones for you, so you are time-zone struggle free!

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4. Calendar 5

Calendar 5 is more than just a calendar, it is a helper too. Calendar 5 allows you to write out to-do lists and helps you track what you have completed. This app is easy to use, allows you to color code, and lets you view its day, week and month views. You can create recurring events, set alarms or reminders and invite people to your events. You can have SMS sent to you to remind you of an event if you feel necessary. You can drag and drop your tasks, switch between days with a swipe and sync all of your devices together.

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5. UpTo Calendar

UpTo Calendar is unique in that it has two layers of calendars for you. The top calendar if your personalized calendar, with your events and contacts. The back calendar is one you follow based on your likes and interests. You can choose to follow your favorite sports team or concert venue, or any other place, and their game and show information will appear on that calendar to inform you of events that are coming up. UpTo also syncs your UpTo calendar with your Google, Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, etc. calendars. Once you post an events on any of your existing calendars, UpTo will automatically sync it onto its calendar.

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UpTo calendar app e1409095587776 5 Amazing iPhone Calendar Applications
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