5 Incredible Fundraising WordPress Plugins For Your Website

WordPress is a popular blogging platform which allows users to create their own blogs and get their information out there. This is perfect for your organization and its fundraisers, as WordPress can easily reach thousands of people. WordPress is easy to use and simple to create. Plug-ins add specific features to your blogs, such as donation boxes, sharing links, more text colors, or other fun components which make your blog unique. WordPress has many plug-ins that help with making your site more appealing, cleaner and fun to engage in. So how can WordPress help with your fundraiser other than by simply letting your followers become aware? WordPress has downloadable plug-ins which can make your fundraising efforts much easier! With these five fundraising plug-ins, you can earn more money quicker for your cause and not only promote your fundraiser but also allow donors to donate right there on the spot.

1. The Donation Thermometer plug-in allows you to have an old school desired reach thermometer measure on your site. This plug-in is customizable, with different currencies available, the text color  and thermometer fill. It is also possible to change the actual information that is displayed on the thermometer, such as your target, the amount you have raised, and percentage raised. This thermometer allows donations to be made and clearly shows your progress throughout the donations.

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2. MyCausora allows you to fundraise for causes while earning a small commission and giving back to your donors. MyCausora is free, earn an optional 3.5% commission, and give gift cards from over 150 merchants back to your donors for every dollar given. MyCausora has a secure payment process and allows you to help your cause of choice.

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3. Personal Fundraiser allows users to create a personal fundraiser donation page for fundraisers that allows for fans, donors and supporters to donate via PayPal and other methods of payment. This personal fundraiser allows the user to customize the site via short codes, such as creating perm links, lists, comments, donation boxes, make edits, and so forth.

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4. WP Easy and PayPal Payment accept is a plug-in for WordPress which allows users to donate via PayPal. This plug-in allows PayPal Payment plan to be incorporated into pages, on posts, on found on the sidebar. PayPal can be embedded anywhere on your site for quick and easy donations. All donors must have is a PayPal account and choose the amount they want to donate. The user must choose a currency for donors to pay in and a language for the donating site, and accept the donation.

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5. The Smart Donation plug-in allows you to choose five different types of ways in which users can donate to your cause via PayPal and WePay. These five include classic donation, textbox donation, three button donation and slide donation and forms can be found under the Smart Donation plug-in setting. Classic donation allows the donor to decide how much he wants to donate via the PayPal or WePay page, he can put any number in the donation box. Textbox donation allows the donor to type out how much he wants to donate in a textbox on the site. The three button donation allows the user to decide three different donation amounts, and the user will pick one of the three. Slide donations offers a slider that users can scroll through to decide how much money they want to donate. The last one is forms, which allows users to ask something to the donors for survey questions or anything of the sort.

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wordpress 5 Incredible Fundraising Wordpress Plugins For Your Website
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5 Incredible Fundraising WordPress Plugins
Blogging can only take you so far with your organization. With these five great WordPress plug-ins, your fundraising efforts will increase and your WordPress account will be prepared for any fundraiser that comes your way!