Fundraising Ideas: Photo Calendars Raffle

Thinking of new potential fundraising ideas? Try a Calendar Fundraiser Raffle . A calendar raffle fundraiser is a great way to make money for your organization and to put an interesting spin on the standard fundraiser, while incorporating your local community.

business calendar Fundraising Ideas: Photo Calendars Raffle

A photo calendar raffle fundraiser is a fundraiser where your school, charity or organization sells calendars to your local supporters. Local Businesses can sponsor certain days of the week or entire months with product or cash giveaways. A company can donate one or many prizes to be raffled throughout the year as a means of constant year round promotion and advertising.

How do you select the winner?

Each Calendar should have a unique number or code printed on it or associated with the calendar. Regardless, a winner should be selected in that manner to keep the audience engaged with their calendars.

How much can be made by having a calendar fundraiser?

Calendars can be sold from $5 – $20 depending on the quantity and quality of items that are being raffled. If an organization sells 1000 photo calendars at a rate of 10 a piece, an easy 10,000 dollars can be made (minus the printing costs)

Having a raffle with your photo calendars can be a fun way to incorporate your local community and raise funds for the surrounding organizations.

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 Fundraising Ideas: Photo Calendars Raffle