Why Nonprofits Should Focus Fundraising Efforts With Photo Calendars

Are you trying to come up with an effective way to raise money for your nonprofit? As a nonprofit organization, you understand the unique challenges you face when it comes to raising capital. You can ask individuals for direct donations, you can ask the government for grants to provide public services and programs, and you can ask for donations from philanthropists, but cash is never guaranteed and you do not have the luxury of promising investors a return on their investment. One effective way to raise cash is to organize a calendar fundraiser that is simplified and focused. Rather than diluting your efforts and spreading your focus so thin that you lose sight of the mission, read on and find out why you should choose calendar fundraising as a way to increase the amount of individual donations you receive to run your programs and provide services for the greater good.

fundraising calendars Why Nonprofits Should Focus Fundraising Efforts With Photo Calendars

Selling a Product That Raises Money

The entire purpose of planning a calendar fundraiser is to generate cash that can be used to keep the doors of your nonprofit agency opened. Every manager responsible for the finances of a nonprofit knows that cash is king, and one of the best ways to raise money is to sell a product to the public that you can be proud of. There are plenty of fundraising products that you can sell, but most of the items that are solicited most often are very generic. By choosing a calendar over products like wrapping paper and candy, you can raise cash by selling your organization’s story and not a product individuals buy just to be nice. Raise cash by giving your agency’s sales team a product they are proud to sell.

Promoting Your Organization’s Events All Year Long

A calendar helps people jot down reminders on specific dates. While most of the reminders will be handwritten, you can print your original calendars to include the events that you will be holding in the upcoming year. Nonprofit events can range from performances, tutorials, athletic events and community expos. By placing a notation on the date when each event will take place, everyone who purchases a calendar will know about the events will in advance. This can increase the likelihood of your future event succeeding and still raise you money in the process.

calendar fundraisings Why Nonprofits Should Focus Fundraising Efforts With Photo Calendars

Attract Specific Sponsorships and Partnerships

Just because you are a nonprofit agency does not mean that you cannot partner with for-profit businesses in an effort to raise money. You can turn your calendars into a physical marketing tool for traditional businesses in your vicinity who want to market through your calendar. By dedicating some of the space within the template of the calendar to third-party advertisements, you can attract business sponsors to raise money. When a business pays to advertise in your calendar, they are investing in the success of your fundraiser because the success of your fundraiser will expand the reach of their marketing message.

Advertising Your Brand Year Round

Aside from promoting your events, you can also promote your organization’s brand all year round. Not only is your brand a logo, your brand is your overall image. Planning a calendar fundraiser is a great way to put your brand in the faces of the buyers 12 months out of the year. For a single investment, you can put your message in front of the buyers face as the calendar hangs on the wall. Not only will the calendar advertise to the buyer, it will also advertise to the buyer’s friends, family members and colleagues.

Increase Brand Awareness One Calendar at a Time

How much does the public know about the programs and services that you offer through your organization? There is a chance that your message really only tells the public about the main focus of your organization. When you design a calendar, you can build brand awareness by educating buyers on each page. Make buyers feel closer to your brand by sprinkling facts and photos into the calendar, and you can increase the support that you get next time you have a fundraiser.

business calendar Why Nonprofits Should Focus Fundraising Efforts With Photo Calendars

It will cost money to raise money, but if you design the right fundraiser and events you can earn a greater return on investment. If you are looking for new ways to generate funds for your nonprofit, you can improve your cash flow by holding a calendar fundraiser. Start designing a unique template, solicit advertisement space to businesses, keep your brand in mind, and give your sales team a product they are excited to sell.