Promoting Your Fundraiser On A Budget

When you have a fundraiser to promote but the budget is pretty slim, there are not many options left to explore, right? Wrong. This is the age of the internet, and nothing is impossible if you have a decent internet connection and some imagination to work things out. Even people with great budgets use some of these methods because they are simply so good and efficient. The awareness is quick and spreads easily, plus you don’t even have to spend a lot of money.

Social Media

The social media has turned the world upside down with its tremendous opportunities of networking. However, making new friends is not the only benefit of Facebook that you can use. Facebook has a feature of creating pages and groups. You can use this feature for raising campaign awareness at no extra cost.

social media fundraiser Promoting Your Fundraiser On A Budget

Just create a group and add all your friends. On an average, a person in Facebook has about 245 friends. Even if 10% of those people happen to check out your group and campaign information, your work would be done to a certain level. Also, the people who liked your campaign would be more than willing to add their friends to the group, and this would go on till you have a lot of people who are aware of your campaign. Many of them would be willing to donate money as well.

Facebook is not the only source. You also have Google+ where you can create Hangouts. Twitter is a great tool for spreading information like wildfire if you have enough followers. Remember, every little share, retweet and like counts.


Email has been used for spreading awareness and sharing information since the advent of internet. The best way to get contacts is to sync your mail with your Facebook and other social media accounts. The email addresses would be added to your mail, and you can easily send your campaign’s pamphlet to all these people. The rules are the same, it would be shared by the people with their friends and information about your campaign would spread.

email for fundraisers Promoting Your Fundraiser On A Budget

A small tip is to make your email look more interesting and not like spam. Be honest about your campaign’s objectives and show that you are grateful that your friends are taking out time to read and share it. Also use bright colors and a catchy subject line or title to ensure that people don’t get bored.

Word Of Mouth

This is a traditional way of spreading information. You can meet up with interested people at a decided place and talk about your campaign. It would be simple and fuss free. Be conversational in your tone, look at the audience and interact with them to put your message across.

Create A Blog

Blogs have been used for letting people know about products and services for a long time. Initially, they were just online journals but now, people use them for reviewing products, services and raising awareness for their fundraisers. You can go for micro blogging sites like Tumblr if you wish to have more people to interact. But Tumblr mostly contains youngsters in the age group of 16 – 22 years. Thus, always look at a blogging site’s demographics before you decide to be a part of it.

create a blog fundraiser Promoting Your Fundraiser On A Budget
You can create a simple blog and update it on a regular basis to get some traffic and people. Make sure you follow SEO techniques to allow search engines to rank your blog well.

Find Sponsors/Partners

There are many corporations and charitable organizations that run Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR schemes. When you approach an organization of your choice, let them know that this alliance would be good for both them and you because they would be mentioned for their support and donations to your campaign. Research for the prospects properly and try to find organizations that have previously supported fundraisers of your kind of campaign.


When you find out that people are donating, you have to reward them for their good work, and giveaways are the way to go about it. Host regular giveaways to show the people that you appreciate their support. Giveaways always bring in more people who check out your campaign.

The number one cause of fundraising campaigns not getting enough funds from charities and organizations is because of awareness. There is simply not enough awareness about your campaign but even for raising awareness, you need money. However, you still have the internet and some traditional methods of spreading information and that should be good enough.

 Promoting Your Fundraiser On A Budget