Social Media Marketing For A Small Business

social media collage Social Media Marketing For A Small Business

If you have any type of business you should be plotting out a comprehensive social media marketing campaign. Whether you’re strictly an e-commerce site or the local neighborhood dry cleaner you’ll find that your business will be greatly improved when you can engage potential customers through the many social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Why is that important? Where do you think all of your customers are spending the bulk of their online time? If you can capture even a fraction of all that daily online social media traffic you’ll see your business grow substantially.

Here are some insightful guidelines you can put into action today to build up your social media marketing campaign.

1. Come up with a strategy

You might think that all you need to do is set up your business Facebook page and post a few weekly updates and you’re good to go. In a competitive marketplace, that’s not going to cut it. You shouldn’t think of social media as some sort of automated function you can just flip a switch on. Instead, you need to come up with some specific goals. Do you want a certain number of new customers making purchases each week? Do you want more traffic to your website? Whatever your goal, that will become the foundation of your social media strategy.

2. Decide who will be implementing your strategy.

A solid social media campaign is going to take dedication. This is not something you should turn over to your sixteen-year-old daughter just because she knows more about Twitter than you. It’s not that hard to find the resources you need to get up to speed. Part of your planning is to set aside time that you’ll be dedicating to social media. Whether you’ll be doing the work or hiring someone you’ll have to monitor, this is an ongoing project. The rest of your business shouldn’t falter as you take time for uploads and responses. Instead, think of this as an extension of your advertising. Remember, this is where your customers are hanging out. Don’t you want to be with them?

3. Choose your social media outlets?

As you get started, your best bet would be to focus on one or two social media outlets. The easiest to use are Facebook and Twitter. In fact, you can link your posts so that everything you put on Twitter goes on Facebook and vice versa. As you build up your followers, you’ll become more confident with your messages and can expand into other channels. Ultimately, you’ll want to think about video presentations for your business that can live on YouTube with the potential to go viral. That’s when things can get really interesting.

engaging tweets for social media Social Media Marketing For A Small Business

4. Create Engaging Posts, Tweets and Content 

The main focus of having a social media campaign is to engage your customers. This is vital for a small business who wants to expand that base. You can accomplish this by giving your customers the opportunity to comment, review and engage others. Remember you’ll be in control of your pages and can address any questions or concerns that might arise. The goal is to get people talking in a positive way. If you have some satisfied customers ask them to “like” your Facebook page and leave a positive review. Everyone is getting into the habit of sharing their opinions online so it’s not a stretch to ask them to help a business they are already supporting.

5. Make exclusive special offers

If you send out a blast about a special deal or discount to your followers they will be motivated to share and stick with the program. Your updates can’t just be about “come to our website and buy something.” Give a little back. You can also ask for suggestions for products and conduct surveys as a way of getting your customers involved with your brand. Even with all of this engagement make sure your voice remains the voice of authority.

6. Check your analytics and make adjustments

All of the social media outlets provide you with the opportunity to track your users. You can find out which type of post receives the most responses and when is the best time of the day to “check in.” By reviewing these analytics you’ll be able to make adjustments in your strategy and keep your social media campaign viable.

social media increase Social Media Marketing For A Small Business

Here’s the big thing to keep in mind: Your competition is probably already using social media for their company. Don’t be afraid of utilizing all the opportunities across the Internet to build up your brand and business. Above all else, have fun!

 Social Media Marketing For A Small Business