Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts


Calendars are an excellent way for non-profit organizations to raise both awareness and money during a fundraising campaign. A calendar is a better fundraising item to sell than candy, food, magazines and other popular choices. This is because almost everyone has need for one. There is no need to cajole or convince people why they should purchase your calendar. They are highly useful and don’t add calories to someone’s waistline or sit around the home gathering dust. Plenty of people are interested in buying an attractive photo calendar. This makes them great for bringing in quick money.

fundraising calendar Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts

Organizational Awareness 365-Days a Year

The main reason people purchase a calendar is to help them keep track of daily activities and important events. Consult your organizational event schedule and include all of those important events in your custom photo calendar. Imagine how great it is to have people aware of events each month. This type of free advertising is invaluable because it saves the organization money on promotion. Many people that view your calendar are not going to be on the event contact list. However, they may attend after seeing it marked as a special day. This top of mind awareness raises even more money.

Best Time To Sell Calendars

Coordinate your calendar fundraiser with the peak sales season. November through January is the best time to sell photo calendars. People are very focused on the upcoming year and looking to buy one quickly. Fortunately, you have just what they need.

fundraising calendars Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts

Choose A Photo Calendar Theme

It is important for your photo calendar to have a theme. What is the main focus of this calendar? Put together a calendar committee and work together to come up with a good theme. Do lots of brainstorming because the theme is going to determine how many sales are made. Boring is not an option. Put your heads together and come up with something that captures attention and makes people feel good.

fundraising photo calendars animals Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts


Popular Calendar Themes for 2013 are:

Artistic Drawings
Artistic Photos
Calendar Girls
Fun Activities
Heartwarming Connections
Holidays of the Year
Hunky Guys
Inspirational Scenes
Local Tourist Attractions
Parks and Natural Wonders
Past Era (1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, etc.)
Popular Local Spots

Designing and Organizing Your Calendar

After a theme is selected, the next step is to gather together the photos and information that will appear in the calendar. This is where the organization can get local community people and businesses to help out. You can put out an announcement asking for photo submissions. Or, approach people associated with the organization for help in gathering photos.

calendar business DSC 0107 Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts

Contact local area businesses and inform them you have advertising spots for each month. Determine beforehand the number of sponsor ads you will make available. Limit the number of ads to avoid promotional clutter. Remember, people don’t generally like to be sold. So, find a good balance between sponsor advertising and organizational content.

Ads can be placed in a section of each page. Another space where ads may appear is on extra pages in back.

photo calendars Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts

Add a call to action on each page. This is where you give organization contact information. People wanting more information about your organization can easily find it by reading this section.

Decide what photo gets the coveted cover spot. This is the photo that everyone sees first. Make sure it stands out in a way that attracts instant attention and interest. People often make a split decision to purchase a calendar after seeing an alluring cover. Choose a captivating cover photo.

photo calendars languages font Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts

Create a mock version of your calendar to see if it looks the way you want. Make changes at this stage. Proofread the content and correct any errors. The calendar is now ready for printing.


Publish a limited amount of your calendar as a first-run trial. A smaller number means you can test the waters and see how well they sell. Financial risk is minimized. If your calendar turns into a huge success, you can go back and order more.

Promotion and Selling

Your calendar is done and it looks great. Now all that is left to do is to get the word out and make sales. The easiest way to begin is to send notices to people already on your donor lists. These are people already supporting your cause. Contact them via email or snail mail. Let them know they should grab theirs first before they sell out.

Dont forget to branch out your promotion efforts to social media, flyers and posters.

DigiLabs Photo Calendar Software

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 Photo Calendars Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts