Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non-Profits

School groups, charities and non-profits are always looking for ways to bring in more money to meet goals, pay for activities, and help others. Fund raisers are popular among both private groups and schools that are trying to cover upcoming expenses. It’s important to choose effective fund raisers that feature a high profit margin. Here are a few ideas for helping your group raise money.

Custom Photo Calendars

Take pictures of the sports team throughout the season and have customized calendars printed out. The players can sell theses personalized calendars to their friends and family members, and the profits go towards the team. The calendars aren’t just for sports teams. They’re also a great option for churches, businesses, youth groups, animal shelters and in general, non profit fundraisers. If you want to offer the calendar to a wider audience, then you can choose generic pictures that don’t have close-ups of specific people. You can use the calendars to help bring attention to your cause and send a message about what you’re trying to accomplish. As people see the calendars in homes and businesses around the community, they’ll learn more about your company and the good work you’re committed to. DigiLabs calendar software allows for full photo, logo and text customization for their fundraiser calendars; which can enable any organization to have a unique photo calendar design for any kind of fundraiser.

photo calendar fundraising Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non Profits

Cookie Dough

Everybody loves fresh baked cookies, and they can enjoy hot, fresh cookies anytime when they have frozen dough waiting for them. Cookie dough is an affordable product that appeals to a wide range of people. The best fundraisers don’t require payment up front, so your customers can even pay when the product arrives. They feature a reasonable profit margin to help your organization, and the customers enjoy the high quality, easy to bake dough. These fundraisers are so popular that you can even repeat the process several times throughout the year. You could sell the cookie dough right before the holidays and again in the spring, or make it a big annual event to create a sense of urgency among your customers.

cookie dough fundraiser Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non Profits

Candy Bars

The beauty of candy bars is that they’re generally cheap, highly portable and easy to sell. You can take them with you to work and sell them to people around the office. Kids can take the boxes door-to-door to help raise money for their next trip. Even if people don’t have $10 or $15 in their pocket to buy a calendar or cookie dough, they usually have a few dollars to satisfy their sweet craving and get some chocolate. One drawback to candy bars is that you have to move a higher volume, but kids appreciate the candy bars because they hear more positive answers. In addition to helping them earn money for the team, the candy sales also help build their self-esteem.

candy bar fundraiser Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non Profits

Basket Raffles

Themed baskets filled with goodies can be raffled off to a lucky winner. When possible, ask for members to donate the baskets. This makes this fundraiser more profitable as all proceeds will go straight to the group. Raffle off the baskets at an event like an annual dinner, awards banquet or holiday gathering to ensure that you have a large crowd in attendance. They can also be raffled at competitions or corporate gatherings to help make more money for your group. The baskets don’t have to be directly related to your mission statement or goals, but they should appeal to a wide range of men and women. Examples of fun baskets include wine and crackers, tickets for a sporting event along with some licensed merchandise, crafting supplies or passes for bowling. Encourage the people putting baskets together to get creative and remember that presentation is everything. You will sell more tickets when the baskets are full of supplies and look great.

basket raffle fundraiser Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non Profits

Candle Sales

Scented and decorative candles are enjoyable for people of all ages. They feature high profit levels, and most customers enjoy the change of pace from other fundraisers. They can be purchased for birthdays and Christmas gifts, so fall is a great time to add a candle fundraiser to your list. They’re affordable, and they’re comparable in price to candles offered by specialty retail stores. A disposable item that people use up and then need to be replaced, candles are a great annual fundraiser that can be repeated year after year.

candle sale fundraisers Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non Profits

Community Garage Sales

These are fun, your members can clean out their houses and the group can make a tidy profit. The trick with garage sale is to let people know a few months ahead of time so they can start purging their homes and finding items to sell. You’ll need a convenient place to store, sort and price the donations ahead of time. Once the sale is over, you’ll need a plan for the leftover items. Will they be donated to a resale charity, thrown out or saved for the following year? Remember to have your members sign up for shifts ahead of time to ensure that you have enough people to run the sale.

garage sale fundraiser Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non Profits

Community Carnival

Reach out to the community, spread your message and make a little money with a fun carnival. Work with a company to bring in the rides and trained staff operators. This will eat into the profits, but you can more than make up the difference with booths where you’ll run games, sell food and offer other products for sale. These events are enjoyable for members, your friends and the community in general. It takes a good deal of work and dedication to coordinate these larger events and make them a success, but they can be very profitable for your group while also creating goodwill in your area.

school carnival fundraiser Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools, Charities and Non Profits

When it comes to fundraisers, you can get creative and have a little fun. Some of the classic options, like candy bar sales and cookie dough, are still the most effective. However, you can also embrace larger events like community carnivals that are enjoyable for your team and profitable.