10 Reasons Why Your Soccer Team Should Create Fundraiser Calendars

Soccer is more than just the physicality of the game, the kicking of the ball, and the goals scored. It is about a team, a family. Soccer teams around the world are competitive not only in their neighborhoods but on a regional, national and international level. Often times, new uniforms, registration fees, snacks and transportation are needed, but these things can add up and become expensive. Many soccer teams use the same fundraisers as their neighboring competitors, and these tend to be outdated and boring. While fundraising can seem like a hard task, using calendars is an original and creative choice. There are many good reasons why calendars are the best option for fundraisers, but here are the top 10 reasons why your soccer team should create calendars:

soccer ball 10 Reasons Why Your Soccer Team Should Create Fundraiser Calendars

10. It Tells a Story

The photos chosen of you child and their teammates can create a story which expresses all of the time and effort they have put into their team. It tells more about the team then meets the eye, and can make the team feel collective and whole.

9. It Includes Photos

These photos constantly help remind supporters the reasons they bought the calendar in the first place, it reminds them of the impact they had on the team with their purchase.

8. Sillyness

Who said the calendar has to be a composite photo of your child carrying a ball, looking dead-eyed into the camera? The calendar fundraiser is a perfect way for your child and his teammates to be silly and show their true self. These types of photos will sell and will be a perfect opportunity for your child and their friends to goof around and have a good time, all while doing so for a good cause.

7. Bond

There is something magnificent about the ways children get together for a cause they love. This calendar fundraiser will create a bond much bigger than most, and children will take a collective action to raise money for what they love.

6. Lost Cause

Remember that soccer conference your child was unable to attend because their team did not have enough money for transportation and registration fees? Remember when you fundraised and were able to send your smiling child to that same conference because each team member was able to sell a certain amount of calendars? There is no lost cause in fundraising, and calendars are an excellent and original way to ask people for their support.

5. Giving Back

Calendars are more than your average cookie or candy fundraiser. When you sell your calendar, you are reminding people that they are giving more than to just the organization, they are giving to its members. These calendars are filled with photographs, birthdays, and holidays, which are more beneficial to any customer than the average fundraiser, and are actually useful in their day to day lives.

4. Community

When fundraising with calendars, it is an easy way to get the community involved! You can thank those who have helped in the past, and sell ad space for those who want to help in the future!

3. Developing

Calendars are not the typical candy fundraiser; your child will be able to develop his people skills and creativity by selling calendars as a fundraiser.

2. Educate

These calendars will be a perfect time for your child to show his passion and love for the game. Involving other people in something which means so much to them will allow them to realize and understand why they continue to play this game. Calendars are perfect in both demonstrating and showing the reasons your child is so passionate.

1. Easy to Make

Calendars are so simple to create! Simply go online and insert your photos, dates, and ads! It’s that simple! Calendars are a quick creation that tells much more about the organization than any holiday wrapping paper or magazine fundraiser ever could! Digi-Labs program is simple to use and you will not be disappointed by the quality of the calendar your team has ordered!

So next time your child’s team needs to fundraise, consider using calendars! You will not be disappointed by this creative means of fundraising, and your community will love the original and creative twist you decided to take!

soccer player kicking ball 10 Reasons Why Your Soccer Team Should Create Fundraiser Calendars

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10 Reasons Why Your Soccer Team Should Create Fundraiser Calendars
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