7 Ways to Raise Money for your Animal Rescue Shelter

A dog is a mans best friend. Whether it be a Chihuahua, a Golden Retriever or a Pug, dogs are some of the world cutest, compatible, gentle and loyal animals. Unfortunately, there are thousands of cats and dogs every year who are found homeless and stray, and end up in an animal rescue shelters. The only way to help these dogs stay alive is to find them homes. However, shelters do not make enough money from simply adoptions of animals, as they must feed, clean and entertain the animals while they wait to find an owner. There are many simple and easy fundraisers available to get the cash flowing so that these cats and dogs can continue to enjoy their time at the shelter.

1) DigiLabs Photo Calendar

The first idea for a fundraiser is a DigiLabs photo calendar. Imagine having a calendar with customized pictures of all the shelters cats, dogs or a combination of both! Audiences will love the personalized, adorable photographs found on each page, and a calendar is a necessity for every home. Everyone is a sucker for a cute photo of that lab or a funny photo of that grumpy cat, and these calendars will help bring out he best characteristics of each one of your animals! You can take plenty of different approaches for each calendar, whether it be sympathy, or funny, creative photographs. While all the important national holidays are already included, the shelter can add important dates such as National Justice for Animals Week, which occurs on February 16-22. Not only this, but calendars are desired year round and extremely easy to create. The DigiLabs calendar is a great and appealing way to ask customers and donators for money, while giving them something in return.

raise money for animals 7 Ways to Raise Money for your Animal Rescue Shelter

2) Make T-Shirts

T-shirts are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and fun to wear. If you’re design is cute and clever, you will have no problem selling your shirts or tank tops to customers year round.

3) Dog Walks

In return for a sum, you can offer to walk people’s dogs in order to help out your own shelters dog. This will help your shelter earn money, while taking over someone’s chore of walking their dog. The nice thing about this type of fundraiser is that you can kill two birds with one stone and walk multiple dogs from the same neighborhood all at once, which takes less time on your part!

4) Partner up with a Local Business

Find a local business around which cares about animals just as much as you do. If you are lucky enough to find someone who is passionate enough, you can negotiate that some percentage of the proceeds they receive will go towards your organization. Not only does this benefit you, but often times this will look good for the local business and they will have more costumers and donations being spent on by customers in order to help two causes at once.

 5) Pet Food Bank

During the holidays, people get into the spirit. While there are many food drives for the homeless, you can ask you local grocery store, businesses, or set up a personal stand outside a busy area and have a pet food bank. If people are willing to donate a few cans of soup for the homeless, they will most likely be willing to donate a few cans of tuna or dry food for your animals which are in need.

6) Auction/Raffle

Create simple baskets and prizes and have an auction or raffle! If tickets are cheap and the event is fun, people will buy multiple raffle tickets, and the donations will come flowing in!

7) Give a Talk/Donations

The subject of a pained cat or dog is something no one wants to hear about. However, if you go to a university, business, or conference, and give an empowering and thoughtful speech about your shelter, then donations are often likely to be given. From 50 cents to 20 dollars, any little change helps, and telling a story in front of hundreds of people will most definitely help raise some sort of fund. Another way of donations can be walking from home to home, or business to business, to promote your shelter and asking for donations there. While this is not the most popular track to take, it can often times be surprisingly successful!

When your shelter is in need, it is much simpler to fundraise than we assume! From easy to make Digi-Labs calendars to simple dog walks, fundraising for your animal shelter can be a easy and fun! Get creative, use your adorable animals to help you promote your shelter, and funding your shelter won’t be such a burden!


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7 Ways to Raise Money for your Animal Rescue Shelter
7 easy and fun ways to raise money for your local animal rescue shelter! Calendars, T-shirts and so much more!