8 Fundraising Ideas for High Schools

Fundraising in general can be difficult. High schools are large and often need additional money. Coming up with a creative way to fundraise for large high schools is hard. Below are eight fundraising ideas that will be easy, useful, and effective in high schools all around the world!

1) Photo Calendars

Photo calendars are a creative and fun way to fundraise. There are endless amount of options as to what can be on your calendar. From puppies, to soccer games, faculty members, traveling photographs, or photos of school activities, calendars are versatile and easy to create. Not only are their themes and photographs easy, but including certain dates for events such as plays, holidays, dances and so forth, would make it a beneficial calendar for parents to have. With Digi-Labs calendars, you can create whatever kind of calendar you want!

digig1 8 Fundraising Ideas for High Schools

2) Car Wash

Although this is an old form of fundraising, car washes are still successful! Getting your car washed at a legitimate place could end up costing you a fortune. Why not allow high school students to scrub off that dirt and pollen from the hood of your truck? Getting the supplies for car washes is easy and cheap, and you can charge people enough to refund yourself for the materials while still raising hundred of dollars. Just find a busy street on a hot day and hold up those signs, play some music, and get to work!

3) Walk/dance-a-thon

The idea behind a walk-a-thon or dance-a-thon is that you’re giving back to those who cannot. You have multiple people invest a certain amount of money in you for each hour you dance or walk, and they pay up once you have completed the challenge. From one hour to twenty-four hours, each person individually could raise thousands of dollars. There is nothing to be refunded for, so 100% of the proceeds go to the organization you are fundraising for. Play some music, get your friends, and put them dancing/walking shoes on!

4) Raffle

Raffles are an easy way to make money. Create a home-made basket or buy some gift cards and raffle off these prizes at a big event. In order for parents and students to buy more raffle tickets, make a deal out of it- $1 for 1 ticket, or 3$ for 5 tickets. The chance of them spending the two extra dollars is more likely when it heightens their chance of winning the prize. You will easily get refunded for your gift card price and will still be able to make money. The better the prize, the more likely people are willing to buy tickets, so get creative and make a fantastic basket full of goodies!

5) Auction

Schools often have events, shows, or meetings which end up filling large rooms with parents. A good way to fundraise for events is to include an auction at the end. Having connections such as someone with season passes to baseball games, or who owns a ranch, is an extremely helpful and useful resource for these types of events. Find someone who is willing to donate some sort of prize for free to you, and put that up in the auction. People will pay a lot of money to help out a cause while being rewarded from it. The more fancy and appealing it is to the crowd, the more likely they are to bid higher amounts. If the prizes are right, auctions could easily raise you thousands of dollars.

6) Charity Ball

This is not like any other old dance, this is more like a prom that raises money. Find a cheap place to rent out and do wonders with the decorations, sell expensive tickets, and dance the night away. Make this event for both students and parents, and allow for a classy night with champagne and cheese. This is also the perfect opportunity to have an auction or raffle! Make a donations box as well, and you will surely be on your way to making money while having a great time!

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7) Cash for Trash

people are unaware how much they can really get from picking up excess trash. However, cash for trash is an extremely effective way to raise some money. Students in high school are fit, active and motivated, allowing them to be able to work hard and dig through garbage’s, trash cans, and pick up plain old street trash. Cans and bottles can give a hefty sum, and students can gather their parents and siblings to help them with this strategic money raiser.

8) Engraved Bricks

This fundraising idea is not a common one. If your school is being remodeled, or there is room for such a collection, engraving bricks with donators names is a great way to raise money. People want their contributions to be recognized, and what better way than having an engraved brick with their name on it in the front of the school. Engraved bricks are cheap and an easy fundraiser option.digi2 8 Fundraising Ideas for High Schools


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