Top 7 Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools

Elementary schools can be difficult to fund raise for. You must find an activity which children will be excited about selling. While high school and middle school fundraiser can be a bit more difficult and creative, elementary school fundraisers must bring in excitement and motivation. The following seven fundraising ideas for elementary schools, as listed below, are great ways for parents, friends, family and neighbors get involved and help raise money for their specified elementary school!

1. Magazine Drive

A magazine drive is a fun and easy way to go about fundraising for elementary schools. Children can go around their neighborhood door-to-door and sign neighbors up for submissions on all types of magazines. From child related cartoons to adult type magazines, these catalogs have it all! Often times, the school will reward students who have reached a certain amount of submissions sold, the more you sell, the bigger the prize, giving students motivation to sell more for the bigger prizes.

2. Cookie Dough Drive

Just like the magazines, a similar company does cookie dough drives. This is a delicious way to fund raise. Children can go door-to-door and sell buckets of cookie dough, from chocolate chip to macadamia nut and all flavors in between! These buckets are especially good to sell around the holidays or summer time, when cookies are all that everyone is dreaming about. These tubs of cookie dough are delicious and create a lot of baked goods!

3. Calendars

Often times, school activities get overwhelming and parents can get forgetful. The best way to take care of this is to create a calendar filled with pictures of the school and specific events which occurred in the previous year printed on the calendar. Along with this, certain classes or grades can create a calendar for their specified classroom, which can include field trips, birthdays and exciting events! These calendars can be done on a small or large scale. This will help both parents keep track of activities, and raise money for the school!

4. Wrapping Paper Drive

Much like the past two drives, the wrapping paper drive is an extremely successful fundraiser. During Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, these themed wrapping papers have it all! Birthdays, graduation and holidays, parents, neighbors and friends can buy enough wrapping paper to last them the whole year and help them throughout all their festivities! This fundraiser has proven to be extremely successful.

wrapping paper Top 7 Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools

5. Fun Run

A fun run is less about the students going around and selling but rather testing their physical abilities. Parents, friends and neighbors donate a certain amount per lap run by the students. The more people you get to donate and the more laps you run, the greater amount you will earn for your school!

6. Bake Sale

For this simple fundraiser, the school has students bring all sorts of baked goods to the school during an event, or to a location in downtown. Those who pass by will not be able to stop and buy a cookie or brownie. All the money made will be 100% profitable.

bake sale Top 7 Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools

7. Talent show

Create a stage and let the students show off all the secret talents they have! Invite friends, neighbors and families to watch the students sing, perform a short play, play an instrument or attempt to do stand up comedy. Make tickets affordable and have a bake sale and flowers available to purchase in the back of the room. This will make a huge profit off of an entertaining night!


These fundraising ideas are extremely flexible and fun, and allow students to feel as though they really made a difference. Although simple, all seven fundraising events can bring in a huge income and profit. These events are exciting and age appropriate, and make the children feel as though they are a part of something bigger.

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The top 7 fundraising ideas for elementary schools from wrapping paper drives to fun runs!