Top 8 Best Fundraising Ideas for Kid Sport Teams

For kids, being on a sports team is exciting and enjoyable. But often times, the basis of kids sports team are fundraisers. Schools and parents can only give so much money in order for these teams to be up and running, and fundraisers are a huge part to the success of a team. The cost of personalized clothing, travel, snacks, and extra equipment add up, and this is where the importance of fundraising comes into play. Below are the top 8 fundraising ideas for kids sports teams.

1. A Shoot-a-thon, Walk-a-thon or Hit-a-thon

Depending on the sport you play, children ask family, friends and neighbors to sponsor them for each home run they make, basket they shoot, or goal they score. With each player having multiple people donating for every successful shot, run or goal, their motivation levels will spike and their game will without a doubt be a successful one.

2. Sports Bar Night out

Every town has that famous sports bar everyone knows about. Team up with this sports bar for dinner and ask for a percentage of all profits go towards your team. Hand out fliers around town and ask for peoples support. The best way to go about this is to have the fundraiser occur during a big rivalry game, where you will know that the bar will be extremely busy. This is a sure way for the restaurant to get more people in, and your team to make some extra cash.

sports bar Top 8 Best Fundraising Ideas for Kid Sport Teams

3. Customized Apparel

Whether it be a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, brother or friend, close ones love to represent and show off the success of their little athlete. With personalized sunglasses, hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts of the school and team logo, people will represent the team while helping them out. Go to a local shop and ask for a discounted price for a bulk order, and charge a little more per item. This way, the money is paid back for the clothes while making a profit and having your team represented all around town.

4. Personal Letter

A way to go a little past your home town alone is to send out a letter to family and friends around the world. As a coach, write a letter as to why your team needs the money, and give ten or so copies to each player. With this, have them address 10 or more envelopes to friends and family around the world, and have them include a personalized letter to each person explaining what this team means to them and why they need the money. Send out each letter, and you will be guaranteed to get at least a few donations back.

5. Booths

As an elementary or middle school team, it is easy to have close relations with the high school and/or nearby college. Set up a concession stand at their games with baked goods, water bottles, and anything relevant to the sport, (i.e. hats for a baseball game, pompoms for a basketball game, etc.). Your products are guaranteed to be cheaper than those sold by vendors and people will without a doubt want to help in supporting the kids team.

6. Scrimmage

There is nothing more fun than a little competition. Have each student select a staff member they like and invite them to play a kids vs. teachers scrimmage. Each student will have a fundraising goal they have to reach in order for their teacher to be able to participate against them, creating motivation and desire for them to raise the money. With that, have people buy tickets to watch, as well as a bake sale going on. Together, the event is sure to make a good profit.

soccer Top 8 Best Fundraising Ideas for Kid Sport Teams

7. Sponsors

Go around to local businesses and ask them to sponsor your team. The greater the donation they make, the larger their companies font will be on the back of your teams personalized clothes, or the more ad space they get in your programs. The more they donate, the more recognition they make. This is an easy way to get donations while helping out local small companies.

8. Calendars

Get a parent who is good at photography to take photos of your players during practice or games. With these photos, create a calendar of your players and sell them to family, friends and neighbors at games. A calendar is a necessity for every household and will be sure to sell!

While fundraising can often times be difficult, there is no need to stick to the basic talent show and bake sale. Sports teams have many fun and easy options to fund raise that are sure to be profitable!

 Top 8 Best Fundraising Ideas for Kid Sport Teams
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Top 8 Best Fundraising Ideas for Kid Sport Teams
The top fundraising ideas for kids sports team, ranging from booths to personalized apparel!