Best Calendar Applications for your Smart Phone

With hectic workdays, children pickups, meeting and calls, it is simple to get lost. We forget important errands, miss business calls, and run late for meetings. In this day, everyone has smart phones, and notes and reminders do not cut it anymore. We forget and important information gets lost. What better way to keep track of your schedule than by downloading an impressive calendar application to your smartphone? By color-coding, setting reminders, scheduling specific times and locations, we are able to make every meeting, connect to every call, and complete every pick up flawlessly. Below are listed the top four best calendar applications for smart phones.


1)   Sunrise

The first calendar app is called Sunrise. This application has only glowing reviews about its aesthetic look, its simple usage and its effectiveness. Not only can you have an overview of your daily agenda, but you can also view your week, month and year. Sunrise connects directly to Google Maps and allows you to look at directions to the necessary location. Sunrise connects contact photos, the weather, Facebook events and even birthdays. It is easy to use and events can be added quickly and efficiently. Sunrise syncs to your previous Google Calendar and autos fills events into your new calendar system. It also fills out locations for your events as you type them in and uses helpful icons to distinguish between different types of events. Sunrise is extremely helpful in organizing your daily, weekly, and monthly agenda.

sunrise Best Calendar Applications for your Smart Phone

2)   Tempo

Much like Sunrise, Tempo also syncs all of your accounts to your mobile calendar, including Facebook, e-mail, contacts, LinkedIn and more. When typing out an event, the application will help you fill out information. This app will also sync personal information to events, for example, if you are having dinner with Sue, then all of Sue’s contact information will be attached to the event, including her Facebook, her e-mail and her number. Through this application, you can directly text, call, e-mail or message Sue that you are running late, without having to go through your contacts, log into Facebook, or find her e-mail address in your mailbox. Another extremely useful part of this application is that attachments and PDFs can be attached to specific events. If you have a flight, you can attach your flight information straight to your calendar, and your flight number, time, location and all-important information needed are connected directly to the event on the application. You no longer have to scrimmage around your mailbox account looking for your confirmation e-mails, as they are already attached to your event, clear and organized.

tempo Best Calendar Applications for your Smart Phone

3)’s Cal’s Cal app is highly appreciated by critics for the aesthetic of the application. With different themes and filters, the colorful application changes picture with every day that passes. Much like the other calendar applications, Cal connects to Facebook and displays events and birthdays, and allows you to contact people and post on their walls or message them directly from the application. This app makes it extremely clear on which days events are occurring, with just one click to find out what event is on that specific day’s schedule.

any. docal Best Calendar Applications for your Smart Phone

4)   Donna

Donna has been known to be referred to as a “personal secretary in a phone.” Just like the other applications, Donna links up to Facebook, e-mail, contacts and Google calendar. What is extremely neat about Donna is that it looks up the locations of your appointments and calculates the distance from your current location to the location of the event. From there, it will estimate how long your travel time is based on your travel method (walking, driving, biking, or public transit). Before each appointment, it reminds you of your event and the travel time ahead of your event, giving you plenty of time to leave and make it to your event in an orderly fashion. Another cool part of Donna is that it finds the location you want on its own. For example, if you write Starbucks as your location, it will find for you the nearest few Starbucks stores, allow you to pick which one you want to go to, and estimate the time it will take you to arrive there. Not only does it help you with your travel time, it also informs you of the temperature outside. Donna is also able to give you information about the public transit nearby, and has integrated Uber into its system. When running late, it will give you the contact information of the people you are meeting, and will allow you to send a text, e-mail or call them directly from the application.

donna screenshot 730x322 Best Calendar Applications for your Smart Phone


Smartphones have everything on them from Facebook, e-mail, notes, and applications. But things can get lost and events can be forgotten. This is why everyone should download one of the four applications listed above. Calendar applications on smartphones allow for the easiest way to organize your life, remember meetings, make direct phone calls, and never forget birthdays. Calendars are essential to any human being, and what better way to remember all of your tasks than by downloading a simple application to your phone.

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Best Calendar Applications for your Smart Phone
Top four calendar applications for smartphones which allow you to connect to Facebook, message friends directly and gives you directions to locations.