Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Your Church

Church fundraisers can bring people and groups together. As a place of worship and pride, fundraising as a group can help socialize all different types of people. While every church is capable of doing the bake sale, talent show, and auction fundraiser, below are the top five original and creative fundraising ideas for churches.


1)   Flamingo Flock

This is a fundraiser that is fit for the most mischievous kids at church. This fundraiser is a funny way for both adults and kids to get involved, and for donations to occur. Basically, people pay to have their friends and families lawns filled with plastic pink flamingos. The work must be done quietly and late at night, so that the target is surprised when they wake up in the morning to find their front yard has been flocked. Often times, they will donate money to have the same thing occur to whoever they suspect has flocked them, and this will begin a playful war between neighbors and friends.

flamingo Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Your Church

2)   Chocolate Competition

This fundraiser is not your typical bake sale. There are so many things one can make with chocolate. The idea of this fundraiser is to have people pay a small fee to be enter a chocolate competition. The basic rules are that it must be chocolate infused in some way, whether it be chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate fudge brownies, or some authentic chocolate biscuit snack. People will pay to taste and submit their vote at the end of the night on their favorite chocolate snack. Team up with a few local businesses that will donate prizes to the first few place winners, and have a local musician play for entertainment. This is also a good way to sell drinks (hot cocoa, water, sodas, or juice) to cleanse out the chocolaty taste in peoples mouth. This is a prime time to have a raffle going on, as well as a donation box.

3)   Calendars

There are many events and important dates that churches need people to know about. What better way to get the word out than by having the events already printed and located on a calendar, with personalized photo of church members and events? Create and sell personalized calendars to the members in your community. Calendars are a must have for all, and there is no doubt that these calendars will sell to devoted members of the community. Important events and holidays will already be inputted into the calendar, which will make it so much simpler for both those organizing to remind people, and those who want to attend to remember.

photo calendars Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Your Church


4)   Charity Quilts

Everyone has old fabrics that they don’t use. Have people bring in material to create beautiful, large quits and have a few parents teach members of the church how to sew quilts together. This is a great way for people to get together and socialize, all while making materials to fund raise. Quilts are often expensive to buy and can be sold for a good price. Have the local schools display a quilt for you, or simply rely on word of mouth, and it is no doubt that people will buy your quilts for a decent price.


5)   Wine Tasting

Although this fundraiser is for adults only, it has shown to be a success. Every adult loves wine and what sounds better than a day of wine tasting and socializing with friends, family and neighbors? It is not hard to partner up with a local winery. People will pay a fee, part will go towards the wine sampling and part will go directly to the church. The winery will offer a great deal for you with wine tastings, fun facts, and maybe even a tour of their winery. In return, people will buy good wine at a great price! Most times, the organization will receive a percentage from the sales made at the event.  You should also have a donation box set aside for people to make some extra donations to the church.


 Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Your Church

Churches often bring people together. These creative and fun fundraisers do just that. They bring together a community that has a cause and helps them raise money in an original and artistic way. Members of the community can come together and have fun all while raising money for an important cause to them.

chocolate Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Your Church
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Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Your Church
Top five fun and creative fundraising ideas for your church. From dessert competitions to flamingo flocking, fundraise in a new and artistic way!