How To Incorporate Local Businesses With Your Fundraiser

No matter if you live in a small town or big city, there are always helpful local businesses around. Whether it is a Jamba Juice chain or a small café, you would be surprised at how willing people are to help. The key to having businesses help with your fundraiser is to really sell your fundraiser. Show the business why it is both important to you and beneficial to them to help your fundraiser and support your business. Give the business multiple different ways to help, whether it be donating items as prizes for a raffle, or giving a certain percentage of sales on a specific day to your business. More popular restaurants and stores are the ultimate contenders for helping out your fundraiser, as their help to your fundraiser gives them better publicity and puts their name out there.


Depending on which business you choose, businesses can help in more than one way. You must identify what kind of help and support you need and choose the right business to approach.

1) Cash:

Often times, companies do not have the means or the funds to help you out with your fundraiser, and will simply write a donation check. These donation checks can add up if coming from multiple small local businesses.

2) Services:

Often times, you can partner up with local businesses for their services. You pay a small fee and they use their professionals to help out. For a big dinner party or banquet, you can get a local catering business to help out, or a child care service during a wine tasting outing for parents. Often times, you will be surprised at the willingness to help from local companies.

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3) Training:

In the case that you are fundraising in something that is not part of your expertise, you will need some basic training and support to help you do so properly. If you are building or designing something, a graphic designers perspective or a safety lesson by a construction worker might be beneficial for your success. These people are merely professionals that are giving up their time to help you do your fundraiser to the best of your ability, with their professional expertise.

4) Support/Equipment:

Sometimes, we get a little over creative with our fundraising ideas. It is important to be able to fully execute the ideas we have. Local businesses are especially good with providing the logistics to these extravagant ideas we have. It could be as simple as the space to hold the fundraiser, or it could be more extreme with help in providing supplies such as computers, fabrics, printers, or whatever you may need. In the case of phone-a-thon, companies may help provide phones and computers to help speed up the process. In the case of a trunk show case, local businesses may be able to provide not only a location or store, but also clothes hangers and steamers. If heavy equipment is needed, local businesses can often time delivery their equipment for you, or help you use heavy machinery.

5) Supplies:

For every fundraiser, supplies are needed. Even if it is just a bake sale, tables, chairs, and a cash box are in need. For an outdoors event on a hot day, snacks, drinks, a grill and coolers are a must. These little things can end up costing a lot, even if you buy them in bulk. Shirts or jerserys through sport or customized shirt shops are helpful, as well as embroidered hats or sweatshirts. Local businesses can help provide these for either no money at all or for an extremely lowered price.

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6) Volunteers:

In the case that you are low on volunteers for your fundraiser, stores may make your fundraiser a store wide help site. Workers may offer to help volunteer both during the fundraiser itself, as well as for the preparation or clean up. If the store is unable to do this, they may offer their services in another way, by passing along your flyers to their customers, or getting you in contact with their suppliers.


Local businesses are a very useful tool for any fundraising event. They can help with the littlest things, and whether they decide to just donate, or end up providing a whole lot of supplies, their help and incorporation is always worth the try.

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How To Incorporate Local Businesses With Your Fundraiser
6 ways in which local businesses can be incorporated with fundraisers. From volunteers to providing supplies and giving donations, local businesses support are an essential part of a fundraisers success.