7 Donation Apps That Can Change The World

We hear and see so  many fundraisers asking for donations. The same bakesale, car wash, and clothing drive can get old. We are capable of changing this world for the better, and all that we really need is a fresh and new way to fundraise for causes that are important to us. Below are seven donation applications that can change the world for the better. From widespread networking, to a little humor, these applications have what it takes to get people to put their money to good use and towards a great cause.

I Can Go Without

There is something in every ones daily routine that they can not live without. Whether it be your morning coffee, scone or happy hour beer, there is just that pure joy in getting your daily dose. Often times, we see this addiction and realize that we could, if we truly wanted, live without it. So why not donate the money you would have spent on that coffee on a nonprofit organization? I Can Go Without is a fundraising app that allows you to spend each day you do not feed into your addiction on a nonprofit organization. This app is about lifestyle changes. It is as simple as choosing your nonprofit organization, choosing the item you will be giving up, and sharing with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.


HelpBridge is about helping those in crisis when they need it most. Through text-to-give, PayPal and donated goods, HelpBridge allows you to ask for help from people you are connected to. It is a simple application- you add your cause, send a text and e-mail to your contacts notifying them of what it is you need from them, and post on Facebook and Twitter. This app allows the donators to see where you are location wise so that they can see the circumstances of your situations and if you are in dire need of help. If someone would like to volunteer instead of donate money, that is an option too. The app informs people of volunteer opportunities so that any help can occur.

Google One Today

Did you know that $1 can test and treat a child for malaria? Google One Today allows you to donate a dollar a day to their project which changes daily. When you donate, facts about the project will appear, giving you more information about what it is you are supporting. It will also link you out to other websites in order to learn even more about the cause. What is cool about this app is that you can get your friends involved. You can request for them to support a project with you, the more friends the better! If you request for two friends to support the project with you, $3 will be earned, and only a dollar from each person will be donated. This type of tactic is usually successful in getting other to donate, as you are matching the request and donating equal amounts. A dollar a day can help some people immensely. So spend one more dollar donating and one less dollar on coffee.

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Check-in for Good

Remember the coffee you just gave up for the I Can Go Without app? Well, if you really can not go without it, you can donate money in a different way. Check-in for Good partners up with companies around your neighborhood. These companies, for example Cup O’ Joe, will select a few nonprofits that they will want to support. Every time a customer comes into Cup O’ Joe and checks in on the Check-in for Good app, Cup O’ Joe will then donate a certain percentage to the specified nonprofit the customer has chosen. This way, if you are a broke college student or can not afford to donate your own money, you can help the nonprofit in a different way. All it takes is a simple click to check-in and viola! A nonprofit just earned a few more dollars!

Charity Miles

As human beings, we crave exercise. Running, walking, and biking are the three most common types of exercise done by adults. How does this have to do with donations towards fundraisers you may ask? If you download the Charity Miles app, you will be able to earn money towards an organization simply by completing your daily workout! Just check in and track your distance! Bikers earn 10 cents per mile biked, while walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile completed. Donations will be earned by sponsors, and up to $1,000,000 of donations can be earned per person. Whether this will motivate you to work out more or work out harder, it is a great application that allows you to help someone’s dreams come true while getting fit!


GoFundMe is a public website which allows people to donate and be shared. It is as simple as creating an account, writing what the money is needed for, creating a goal for money reached or desired, and share it on social media. GoFundMe allows donators to donate anywhere from a dollar and up, and donations can be made anonymously or personalized. This allows donators to write little blurbs of “Goodluck!” and “Way to go!” alongside their donations.



MyDunkTank takes a little twist on donations needed. It is not your typical, “here is my cause and I need a donation” application. This app allows you to start a fundraising challenge. What this means is that you post on the app saying “I will do _____ to ____ in support of _____,” this could mean you will wear a funny costume or do a funny dare towards your wife or at work. But do not make this so specific. The whole point of this strategic app is that people will vote on what they want you to do, but voting costs money. This is the way in which you will make money and they will be entertained. Instead of boring and simple, you have just added something interactive and hilarious to your cause. If you end up wearing a penguin suit to your law firm, there are sure to be many laughs and your supporters will feel as though they got something (your humiliation) out of donating, rather than a simple “Thank you.” What makes this even more fun is that MyDunkTank turns your page into a scrapbook after you have done what your audience has voted for. You can either post stories, pictures or videos on your site, OR do your dare or challenge live via a webcam. This allows your supporters to really get the most out of the dollars they donated.

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