7 Overused Fundraisers

When you say the word “fundraiser,” which activities come to mind? Most times, people use easy, quick and effective fundraiser ideas to raise money for their organization. Because they are easy to do, do not need much promotion, simple for any aged child, and cheap to create, these seven fundraisers below are the most overused fundraiser ideas. It is important to try and stray away from using these, as the more creative and unique you are being, the more likely people will want to participate in your fundraiser.

1) Restaurant Discount Fundraiser

Restaurants love customers and people love discounts. This is why this fundraiser is so popular. Although successful, this fundraiser is typically the same routine and often times people use the same restaurants. This can get unexciting and repetitive. If you decide to do this type of fundraiser, make it interesting and unique. Allow yourself to have such a fundraiser in a new and exciting restaurant to allow for some adventure.

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Source: RVSB

2) Bake Sale

A bake sale is a bake sale regardless of whether it occurs in your schools building or in downtown. It does not matter if it’s a chocolate chip cookie or a double fudge brownie with m&m’s, bake sales are common and easy to create. It really takes no effort from one single person, and take very little effort from individuals. This fundraiser succeeds purely for the reason that people love and cannot stay away from sugar and treats. If you want to get creative and be unique, a bake sale is far from it.

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 Source: Mission For Area People

3) Raffle or Auction

Although a little tougher to produce, raffle and auction fundraisers are pretty simple. Because it is easy to get a lot of people involved, and if done right it could cost very little to put on. Prizes, baskets and such can be donated and parents are often willing to spend a good amount of money when it comes to their children’s school or sport team. Auctions and raffles are social, entertaining, and a little exhilarating.

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Source: Rotary 5320

4) Talent Show

We all like to show off our talents, especially that of our kids or grand kids. Whether it be them trying to do stand-up comedy, dancing, singing or magic, we find whatever our kids do adorable. This is the reason why talents show fundraisers are extremely popular. It costs almost nothing to produce and people will pay to see their kids, grand kids, nieces or nephews up on stage, making a fool of themselves. Talent shows allow kids to show off their skills while raising money for their organization.

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Source: Music With Mr. Barrett

5) Food Fundraiser (Candy Bar/ Cookie Dough/etc.)

We all love food. Which others use for their advantage. This is why many people hold candy bar or cookie dough fundraisers, really anything that has to do with food is likely to succeed. This fundraiser is easy, quick and does not take much planning. With children roaming from door-to-door, selling candy bars, cookie dough or other forms of food is sure to be a great success!

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Source: Hilliards Candy

6) Car Wash

From a young age, this one has been popular. It does not matter if the person washing the car is a 20 year old college student or a 7 year old elementary girl, car wash’s are popular anywhere, anytime. With some music, signs, and a little advertisements, car wash’s are always a great and fun way to kids of all ages to raise some money. Because of this, this fundraiser is often times overused.

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Source: Options Recovery Services

7) Apparel Fundraiser

With one quick and easy connection to a local athletic or clothing store, apparel is easy to produce and will often be given at a cheaper price. This type of fundraiser is simple, quick and does not take too much planning. Clothing can be distributed at concerts, games, performances, or anywhere where potential customers will be at.

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Although extremely effective, these seven fundraisers are extremely overused. With photo calendars and other types of new and creative fundraisers, you can catch a lot of peoples attention with a little change.


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