Find Out What These Parents Did To Help Cancer Research

This set of parents took Bake Sale to the next level. Larry and Gretchen Witt were devastated when their son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a serious and common cancer in infancy and childhood. When they found out that such little research for treatments was being done due to funding, they were determined to raise money. Instead of a typical plea from their neighborhood and community, Gretchen got into the kitchen and began to bake. With help from loved ones, Gretchen was able to fundraise over $400,000 with 96,000 cookies. And this is how Cookies for Kids Cancer began in 2008. Unfortunately, the Witt’s lost their son in 2011 to cancer.

Cookies for Kids Cancer reveals some interesting and shocking facts on their page. Facts such as “Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease of children in the U.S.” and “Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institutions budget goes to all childhood cancers combined” really helps us understand the drastic need for funding that Cookies for Kids Cancer works towards. There is so much more behind Gretchen and Larry’s, along with thousands of supporters, decision to fundraise thousands of dollars towards cancer research funding.

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Now Gretchen, Larry and their community work throughout the year to fundraise money through cookie sales so that funding will not be the problem any longer. Partnering up with Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle, Asics, OXO and other companies has really put Cookies for Kids Cancer out there.

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Cookies for Kids Cancer allows any typical kid to register through the site and host a bake sale in support of cancer research funding. You can host your own bake sale with tips and guidance from Cookies for Kids Cancer. One of the most inspiring things Cookies for Kids Cancer does is encourage kids to donate for their birthdays. Imagine asking your 8 year old girl to give up all her birthday presents so that cancer can get research funding? That sounds nearly impossible. Cookies for Kids Cancer somehow inspires kids to give up all their birthday presents and ask for donations instead. Check out their website to see touching stories of kids who raised $820.00 or more towards cancer research in just one birthday because of this amazing cause. Along with the birthday cookies, Cookie for Kids Cancer gives advice on cookie swaps! Check out their site for more information on this creative fundraising opportunity. But it does not stop there! Cookies for Kids Cancer also has ways to adults to participate and fundraise. They do what they call a “Team Good Cookie.” This is a run, a walk, a 5K, a marathon, whatever you please. As you train, join the team and ask for pledges for every mile or minute walked, ran, swam, golfed or biked. From clubs to personal bake sales in support, to ambassadors, trustees and nation-wide recognition, Cookies for Kids Cancer has turned out to be a huge success for Larry and Gretchen.

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Cookie for Kids Cancer has not only made the news multiple times and partnered up with some major companies, they also have a “Shop to Support” page, where a certain percentage of your cost gets donated to the cause. Alongside this, Cookies for Kids Cancer participated in Chefs for Kids Cancer, where world renowned chefs came and cooked meals for individual tables. Together, Cookies for Kids Cancer along with other organizations, raised over $925,000!

Because of Cookies for Kids Cancer, 9 new treatments are now in clinical trial. Cookies for Kids Cancer has reached the world! This amazing organizations supporters have held more than 5,000 events, located in every single U.S. state, as well as 16 countries worldwide! It has only been 6 years, but Cookies for kids Cancer is quickly making a difference in this world!

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These parents show us that with determination and hard work, even the simplest fundraiser can make a huge difference. These parents have turned kids into tough cookies, dough into deliciousness, and hope into a reality.

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Find Out What These Parents Did To Help Cancer Research
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