7 Football Fundraisers That Are A Guaranteed Touchdown!

Football is an American tradition. It does not matter where you go, almost every high school in the U.S. has a football team. Because football is such a large part of the tradition in high schools, funding is extremely important. Without new uniforms and spiffy boys running into the bright light field with cheerleaders and screaming fans, what would our Friday nights be? But just like any other sports team, fundraising can be difficult for football players. So we came up with seven extremely fun and effective fundraisers that any football team across the world can do to fundraise for their organization.

1) Date Auction

The Date Auction is not like any other auction. This auction uses its football players and cheerleaders to their advantage. Get an MC, a stage, and a crowd of girls and boys, and auction off your Junior and Senior football players and cheerleaders. Hand out numbers to all the boys and girls in the crowd to bid and the claws will come out. From the hunky player to the most desirable cheerleader, there is sure to be some type of competition. Whether her boyfriend is bidding or a freshman boy that’s been crushing on her forever, the bids will get high. Make rules for the minimum dates must be, regardless of if it’s a movie night or a walk around the park, highest bidder get a date. This is a great opportunity for them to meet someone they don’t know yet, or experience an extremely awkward date to share with their friends later on.

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2) Donation Buckets

The best time to get money from people is when they are in a good mood. While people are high off energy and the team is winning, have a cheerleader or the school mascot walk around the bleachers with a donation bucket. People are sure to feed off of each other and donate a few dollars here and there, which can end up adding up.

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3) Powder Puff Game

What could be more entertaining than watching girls play football against each other, and boys dressed up in cheerleader outfits? This is an all time favorite for high school students and is often a tradition. Have girls sign up to play on a team, with freshman and juniors being partnered up, and seniors and sophomores on the same team. Each girl must pay a certain fee to participate. Have some of your football players coach the team, while the majority stand on the side line in ridiculous cheerleader uniforms and cheer the teams on. Have this game occur during lunch or after school, and invite the school students, staff and workers to watch. If you want, you can even charge the viewers a dollar or two to watch the game when they come onto the field. On the side, have a bake sale, drinks and tickets to the next football game for sale. This fun and interactive fundraiser will show your efforts to the students.

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4) Bowling For Bucks

Rent out a few lanes from a bowling alley and have people sign up for a bowling tournament at your local bowl. Each team will has to pay a fee to join the tournament and have a bracket up rating everyone’s place. If you can get the whole alley, then that would be better than just a few lanes. Sell snacks, drinks, tickets to your next game, or football apparel and this night is perfect for all ages!

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5) Pizza Kit

Just like any other teenage boy, people love pizza. From the mozzarella to the tomato sauce and crust, people go to great heights to get their greasy pizza. Yet greasy pizza is unhealthy, and can end up adding up. So we came up with a better solution. Have the football players make pizza kits to put for sale. Cheese, sauce, and home made or pre-bought dough can be cheap when buying in bulk. Just throw it all together and sell it off to your neighbors, family and other school participants. People are willing to pay more for a pizza that is both healthier and can help donate to a cause.

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6) Pancake Breakfast

We all wake up one morning craving pancakes. What if when you woke up, you could drive to school and get unlimited pancakes made and served to you by your very own football team. Buying pancake mix in bulk can be extremely cheap! Make people pay $5-20 depending on your needs, and allow them to eat endless amounts of pancakes, juice and fruit. Make varied types of pancakes, with chocolate chips or bananas, and enjoy a morning at school with delicious food and good friends.

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7) (Your School Mascot Here) Idol

Imagine sitting in your school theater while your football, baseball or basketball team serenades you. This fundraiser is meant for all the sports team to raise money for the athletic department, not just one team. This will also be an extreme bonding moment for all the boy and girls who are involved in the schools athletic department. Have people buy tickets to watch each team, or individually, perform some sort of musical act. Whether its an acoustic cover, a mocking Justin Bieber song, or young boys attempting to be the Backstreet Boys, this night is sure to both surprise you and make you laugh. Have a bake sale, flowers, apparel and any other relevant thing up for sale in the front. Ask for your parents to be volunteers as well as to help promote your Idol contest to all of your family and friends. Get staff and donators to be judges and announce a winner at the end of the night!

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mascot e1406673668643 7 Football Fundraisers That Are A Guaranteed Touchdown!
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7 Football Fundraisers That Are A Guaranteed Touchdown!
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