How To Start Your Fundraiser In 8 Easy Steps

Deciding to create a fundraiser is easy. It is the actual work that goes into it that makes it both difficult and time consuming. Below are 8 steps you must take to help you start your fundraiser and to make sure it is a successful one.

1. The Event

Decide what the event is going to be. You can do a lot of online research or brainstorming with your team to decide what type of fundraising event best suits and is most beneficial to your cause.

2. Contact People Who Might Be Of Help

If there are other organizations or people in your community which will benefit your organization or fundraiser, give them a call. They may be able to donate a space for usage, supplies, food, or donate money.

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3. Find A Place To Hold The Event

Contact places that might be fitting for you to hold your event. If you expect a large outcome, make sure the space is big enough. If you are patterning up with someone, make sure there is enough room and space for everyone comfortably.

4. Pick A Date And Time

When picking a date and time, it is important o consider other events that may occur at that time. Whether it be another large organization holding a fundraiser, a concert that night, or a religious holiday, pick a date that seems to be free and open. This will increase the amount of people who show up if there is nothing else big that is occurring at the same time or day.

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5. Check With Authorities To Make Sure Paperwork Is Complete

There are times when the proper paperwork needs to be completed when a facility is rented or when certain marketing techniques occur. Make sure that you have completed all the right paperwork in time so that you do not get into any trouble when putting on your fundraiser.

6. Get The Word Out

With social media and flyering around the neighborhood, getting the word out about your fundraiser should be easy. From high schools to local stores, you can get th word out to the whole town.

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7. Pre-Sell Tickets, If Charging Admission

If you are charging an admission for your fundraiser, make sure you table at your local campus or in downtown and sell pre-sale tickets. This will encourage people to come, or have pre-sale tickets be a few dollars cheaper than at the door. This will be a bigger incentive for people to buy a ticket now, regardless of if they can 100% commit to coming.

8. Get Cash  And Lock Box

It is important that you have cash to give people change when they come buy tickets or food. If you do not have change, they will likely turn around and walk away. It is also extremely important to have all your cash in one safe spot. Get a cash lock box to store the money that you receive.

calendar How To Start Your Fundraiser In 8 Easy Steps
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How To Start Your Fundraiser In 8 Easy Steps
Starting a fundraiser can be extremely difficult. Below are 8 important steps to consider when planning a fundraiser.