Best Ideas for School Fundraising

Fundraising for schools can often time be hard. Coming up with original and creative ways to raise money throughout the school year can be hard. Below are 10 fun and ways to fundraise for schools.

1. Car Wash

Have students give up a hot day during the weekend and wash cars for people in the neighborhood. Advertise before hand, make signs and post up on a busy street with loud music. Have snacks, maybe even a bake sale, buckets, soap and sponges, and wash cars all while having a good time with friends. Car washes are easy, fun, and can be extremely enjoyable when done with friends!

carwash Best Ideas for School Fundraising

2. Bake Sale

Speaking of bake sales, bake many treats, from chocolate cupcakes to cookies, cake, and creative treats. Bake sales are extremely easy because each student can bring as many or few things as they want. You can do a bake sale at almost any event, from car washes, to auctions, to simply finding a busy location downtown and selling to random pedestrians. Feel free to include lemonade or sodas to help replenish their thirst from all the delicious treats they just bought!

3. Calendars

The school year can get extremely busy. What better way to raise money and help parents keep track of all the activities, days off, and sports games that occur throughout the year than by selling personalized calendars. These calendars can have pictures of athletic teams, clubs, teachers, students, activities, events or just photographs of campus. Calendars are an essential item for parents to have, and what better way to make some money off of it?

4. Valet Parking

This fundraiser only works for students who have their drivers license. However, when done, it is extremely successful in raising money. Team up with your local university and find a way to do their valet parking. Instead of the mess and busyness of parents trying to find their own parking, have a system down and for the students to take over the parking structure. This way, they can make any money off the tips made, and the sport attendees do not need to worry about the hassle of finding a parking spot. It is a win-win for all!

5. Community Gatherings

Have parents offer up their house and skills for community gatherings in which a limited amount of parents can sign up for. From pizza night in the back yard to Israeli brunch, Sudoku night, or wine night, parents offer to have a gathering in their home in which other parents pay to attend. All money made from each gathering goes to the school, and the parents get to enjoy a nice night out with new or old friends. The more extravagant the gathering, the more it will cost to attend.

6. Walk-A-Thon

Have family and friends donate a certain amount of money per every mile walked for each student participating. Put up a walk-a-thon event in which each student walks for as long as they please, and the money made for each mile walked per student gets donated to the school. If each student gets at least a few sponsors’, they will likely make a lot of money, without much effort.

7. Auction

This is where you take advantage of students and parents connections. Get parents to give away expensive items, or use their connections to score some sports game or concert tickets, and auction them off to the community and other parents of the school. Certain items are extremely wanted, and people will pay a lot for items that are worth it. Even a nice bottle of wine or front row tickets to the local baseball team game will do the trick.

auction Best Ideas for School Fundraising

8. Restaurant

Team up with a local restaurant that everyone loves and have a certain percentage of every order go to your school. Print and email out flyers to all students and ask friends, family and neighbors to attend. Make the event last a few hours so that the restaurant is not over packed, and you will be sure to get them a lot of business while making a lot off of each meal.

9. Advertisements

Every company wants to be more publicized. Ask local businesses and parents to donate money and in return you will put them as advertisements in the back of programs for graduations, theatre productions, music productions, or t-shirts. The more money they donate, the more paper space they get in programs, and the larger their companies text font will be on your t-shirts.

10. Direct Appeal

It is simple. Ask your family and friends for money. If the school is in need, it is as simple as going to a local business, e-mailing friends, family and neighbors to donate. Every dollar counts. And if every student is capable of doing so to as many people as they know, it is sure to get at least a few hundred dollars from directly asking for donations.


As you can see, there are some very simple ways to fundraise for schools. Parent involvement is essential for most of these, but students and teachers can do a lot for the school with a little effort.

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Best Ideas for School Fundraising
The top 10 best ideas for school fundraising. From parent involvement to student run, there are ideas for every type of school!