Why Blogging Is So Important for Small Businesses

blogging for small businsses Why Blogging Is So Important for Small Businesses

Debates have risen over the impact of blogging for today’s small businesses. Regardless of how well you know how to write about your industry or products, blogging increases the viral impact of your brand and engages with interested consumers. In so many ways, blogging increases traffic to a small business site, drives SEO and SERP, creates authority for your brand and even promotes better relationships with customers. However, all of this is based on a blog’s content effectiveness and attractiveness to readers. These are some ways you can use blogging to help your small business’ online presence.

1. Bring in Traffic Every Day 

A blog allows businesses to create opportunities. Whether you are posting a new promotion, commenting on industry news or even plugging an affiliate business, there are various ways to use your blog to increase traffic every day. You can start by posting relevant and interesting newsworthy content on your blog that will interest your target audience. The blog should be an integral part of your site’s design as well with a prominent link or view of the blog somewhere on the home page. Blogging on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn is also helpful and drives traffic back to your business’ homepage. All of your articles should have authoritative links and inbound links to different areas of your business site. This will help you create traffic for different landing pages and help with promotions.
google seo for small businesses Why Blogging Is So Important for Small Businesses

2. Effective SEO and SERP

Blogs also help with SEO. With fresh content updated daily, you can beat out your competitors and bring in traffic by also using SEO keywords. These can create organic and local SEO. As you use keywords in your blog updates, you can use tags and links with keywords to drive more traffic. Categories are also helpful. If you blog regularly about your industry, products, brand or customer lifestyle, you will almost always have more search keywords than your competitors. You can use keyword tools to find popular search results related to your customer interests and your own business industry. Google and other search engines regularly look for these keywords and will crawl your blog to find them thus placing you higher in results.

3. Industry Leading Content

It’s also imperative that your content is delivered with authority and originality. People want to read content that is new and different. If you post topics that will register with your target audience, you’ll increase your viral impact and gain more readership, shares and traffic. If you show unique knowledge on certain subjects, you also gain respect from consumers as an industry leader.

Most small businesses write about their products, but this content must be interspersed with other industry articles and content. It’s not enough to post promotions and news that only relates to your company. You should be looking for content that will interest your customers and relates to your industry. Well-researched articles will also have a profound impact. As stated above, all of your content should contain outbound links to authoritative sources.

SEO master rand fishkin Why Blogging Is So Important for Small Businesses


Rand Fishkin: Moz CEO

In addition, attractive content on your blog should contain links, images and videos. You should always read over your blog and make sure that it flows well, which means that you should break up content with bullet lists, quotes and visuals whenever possible. Most people actually scan articles online rather than read them like a book. If you provide short paragraphs, lists and subheadings for your paragraphs, your content will likely have more readers.

Well-researched articles that contain authoritative links and supportive information are also great for building trust with your consumers. You should post promotions and even hold contests to get more comments. This allows you to build better customer relationships.

4. Build Better Relationships with Customers

Most people will go to a blog to look for extra information or just to see what’s new with your small business. If you are constantly updating and adding new content, they will be pleasantly rewarded with a bunch of visuals, videos and informative articles that engage with customers.

In addition, you can post contests, teasers for new products and links to affiliates if you have any. You must always make sure that your content is relevant to your industry and will intrigue your target customers.

You can also use sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and Pinterest to make your blog content easily shared on social networks. Search engines have changed recently to value social media results and links in a bigger way. If you have a ton of links and shares on social networks to your blog and homepage, you’ll likely have bigger traffic and gain new customer interest.

Blogs are an essential part of marketing strategies for small business. By updating a business blog daily, you can promote new products, drive local SEO and engage with your customers more frequently.

 Why Blogging Is So Important for Small Businesses