7 High School Band Fundraising Ideas

No matter where you go, no matter what group you belong to, high school bands are an essential part of your high school experience. Football games and school musicals would not be the same without the support and excitement of the trumpet and trombone harmonizing away. But high school bands can often have a hard time fundraising, as they are not as out there as some other teams may be. Below are seven fun and creative ways the band at your school can stand out while raising money.

Play For Donations
The simplest, most inexpensive fundraiser you could hold is playing for you town in a busy area. Go to the main square downtown and play as a group. Leave out hats and buckets for donations, and the change will surely add up. If wanted, you could advertise this event, but if you come at the right time, there will be hundreds of people passing by you hourly, and the fun music will captured peoples attention. The best time to do this is during the holiday season, because what makes people more excited than listening to Christmas tunes being played?

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Partner up with a large and friendly restaurant and ask for a certain portions of the money earned to go towards your organization. This fundraiser is applicable to any group, but high school bands are great contenders as they are such a huge group that there is no doubt a lot of people will arrive. The restaurant will be busier than ever and the band will make a profit from it.

Throughout the year, many events go on. From football games to playing at the school musicals and having concerts of their own, the band is busy year round. Collect photos from the past years event and compile it into a photo calendar. Include all of next years important dates, such as concerts and football games, and your support group will be extended to people outside the band world.

Jellybean Count
There is nothing more high school teenagers love more than a big jar of candy. Fill up a huge jar of candy with jellybeans and have people pay a dollar to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. The winner receives the big jar of jellybeans at the end of the contest, and the band makes 100% (minus the cost of jar and jellybeans) profit off of the votes.

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No matter where you live, school spirit is a huge part of being in high school. Team up with a local customized clothing store to either donate or give you a discounted price off of customized band apparel. From sweatshirts, hats and sweats, to t-shirts, long sleeves and socks, parents, friends and family will support your band and school spirit through these clothing. Have some shirts purely say the name of your band while others say Alumni or Mom, which will expand the types of people who will be interested in your clothes.

Concert Necessities
Concerts happen a few times a year. Why not create baskets that can either be up for sale or auctioned off? If tickets for the auction are cheap, many parents will buy one or more tickets to win the candle or candy filled baskets. At the end of the night, announce the winners. During this, you could have other stands too, such as flowers available for sale so that parents can congratulate their kid properly. A bake or tea sale can also occur during this time. There are many different concert necessities that can be sold off to parents and viewers.

Battle Of The Bands
Since you are the school band, it only seems fitting to have you host a battle of the bands in your school quad. The band members will hold a competition for students who want to show off their talents to the school, or bands who dying to share their music. Students must pay a submission fee to be a part of the competition, and get some sort of prize as decided by the high school band team. Alongside, you can also have a bake sale and apparel set out so students who are just watching can also contribute to the event.

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