How To Keep Yourself Organized With Your Personal Calendar

Whether you are using Google Calendar, your iPhone, Android, Hotmail or thousands of other calendar applications, having a calendar to stay organized is crucial for success. From phone calls to meetings, soccer practices to doctor appointments, your personal schedule, along with your families schedule, can get extremely hectic. Listed below are some important tips to help you keep yourself organized with your personal calendar.

Be consistent with your scheduling

When keeping organized, it is important to be consistent with your scheduling. One of the most important aspects of staying consistent is using one calendar, and one calendar only! Whether it is on your iPhone or on your refrigerator whiteboard, make sure that the calendar you use has everything so that your information does not get lost! However, having a big family can create a messy calendar. It is important that you stay organized when writing down your activities. This is where color-coding comes into play (discussed in section below). It is often times easier to use a digital calendar so that edits can be made quicker and easier. Along side this, digital calendars and wall calendars allow you to write events that are far into the future, while whiteboard fridge calendars allow you to only look at that specific month. However, wall or whiteboard fridge calendars are more easily accessible at home, while digital calendars are can be synced to phones and can be reached and viewed at any point. It truly is a matter of preference, depending on whether you are a stay at home mom/dad that needs everything to be visual, or a businessman/woman that needs to be in constant reach of their scheduled plans.

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The best way to differentiate between sports, school, work and miscellaneous activities is to color coordinate. Whether it is by activity, or by child, it is crucial to stay organized on your calendar. iCal, for example, allows you to name each color option and choose it when adding a new event to your calendar. Regardless of whether it is done through different colored post-it notes, sharpies, or signs, make sure that you know what activity is when, where, and relevant to whom.

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Come up with helpful reminders

If you are using a digital calendar, it can easily be synced up to your smartphone. Most calendar applications or iCal allow for the events scheduled to go into your phones “Reminder” setting, and can remind you of your event an hour before it is schedule, or even a day earlier. These helpful reminders are good for those forgetful, busy people who are constantly running around. There are many events that are crucial and cannot be missed, so scheduling reminders on your phones or posting post-it notes on places you look often can help make sure that you never miss that important business meeting, call or appointment!

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Another important aspect of keeping organized is the formatting you choose to use while scheduling your calendar events. It is important to stay consistent with this aspect. If you like to write the time then the activity, make sure to stay continue that style for future scheduled events. The calendar can begin to look messy if some of your scheduled posts say “2 p.m. Dr. Appt for Tommy” while others say “Soccer practice for Lauren @ 3 p.m.” Also, if you use a digital calendar, it will automatically post events in chronological order based on your formatting of the post, which can be extremely helpful.

Financial decisions

If you are struggling with money, or are a businessman, calendars are especially important to help you make financial decisions. Because you know when your next doctor appointment is, you know that a large sum of money is going to be needed to pay for your visit. This can help you make decisions such as if that new TV you have been wanting can be afforded at that current time. Calendars can help you see how your finances are spread out throughout the month. As far as for a businessman or woman, you can see when potential investment meetings are and when large sums of the company’s money are being used.


Keeping a clean and organized calendar can be life-changing! From hectic days as a mom to hectic work events as a businessman, it is easy to be forgetful and overwhelmed. Having an organized calendar can help you achieve it all, in a stress-free manner!

iCal calendar e1408730184220 How To Keep Yourself Organized With Your Personal Calendar
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