How Social Media Can Help Your Fundraising Campaign

Social media is an essential tool for any business. Regardless of whether you use it to promote your product or help with your fundraising campaign, social media is a great tool to help your company succeed.

Promotion Tool Social media is a fantastic way to promote your fundraiser. With Facebook and Twitter, you can let your followers know months, weeks, days, hours, even minutes before your fundraiser is occurring. This promotion allows people to know when, where and what the fundraiser is, as well as what it is supporting. Beyond this, it is key to be a part of multiple social media outlets. Not only does this allow you to promote your fundraiser multiple times, in multiple places, but also allows your followers to be aware of your posts in any outlet they choose. While some people may be extremely active on Twitter, another crucial follower might be active on Facebook. This way, you can get all types of followers to be active on all outlets, and therefore will allow you to promote your fundraiser and organization worldwide.

Consistency It is extremely important to stay consistent when scheduling your post. Having one post a week is insufficient, and will not catch the attention of your followers. If you constantly post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets, regardless of whether the content is talking about your fundraiser or not, the information sent out will be useful. It will help your followers remember your company, and can trigger the memory of a fundraiser in the works.

Unique and Relevant Information When posting on Facebook and Twitter, it is important to have both unique and relevant information. If your companies focus is on wedding cakes, make sure your content stays relevant to weddings or cakes in some way, whether it be talking about cake flavors, or wedding dresses, it must be somehow connect back to your product and your fundraiser. Stay unique. It is extremely boring to read articles which have been written about plainly in the past. Create content that is eye catching, interesting and rare. This may come from a single photo displayed or your title, but allow it to catch the attention of your followers. The more unique, exciting, outrageous or hilarious the information is, the more shares it will get. On Facebook alone, a few single shares can add up to hundreds or thousands of views. The speed in which a link can get passed around on the internet is astonishing, and your follower rate can quickly go up. The more entertaining or interesting your information is in relation to your fundraiser, the more support you are likely to get. Along with this, your posts must be engaging. While the title is important and should be eye catching, it is also important that the actual material is engaging, interesting and can get people to want more. Photos and videos are crucial as they easily capture peoples attention.

Tracking/Analytics Twitter and Facebook have an awesome tool which allows you to track your contents success. This means that you can easily see the time of day people are following your posts, how many shares are being done, how many clicks your posts are getting, and time spent on your posts and page. This is extremely important in helping your product. Social media allows you to see how, when and where you are succeeding, as well as where you are failing. This can help you see how well your fundraising techniques are, and whether you need to change your tactics or not. By being aware of how many people see your post daily, you can determine the success the fundraising event might have.

Aesthetics Another mechanism that is extremely important in promoting your fundraiser through social media is the aesthetic of the post. Is your blog pretty, engaging and organized? It is important to make sure that your blogs, Facebook and Twitter profile are fun for your followers to use. The more they want to engage with your media outlets, the more likely they will be to support you and your organizations event   Social media is used by almost everyone around the world. If you know the key ways to properly use it, you are sure to get followers and supporters for your organization or business. Make sure to follow the proper online etiquette and use the information above as a guide to make your social media outlet successful.   social media medium e1405099495206 How Social Media Can Help Your Fundraising Campaign

 How Social Media Can Help Your Fundraising Campaign
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How Social Media Can Help Your Fundraising Campaign
Find out the important tools for making a successful social media outlet as well as how these strategies can help promote and strengthen your fundraising campaign!