Top 10 Characteristics to a Successful Fundraiser

There are ten important characteristics one must have in order to have a successful fundraiser. These characteristics are prominent in ensuring a good fundraiser.

1) Passion

The fundraiser must have a lot of passion for the cause they are raising money and awareness for. Without passion, it is hard to want to convince others to donate and buy your product, because if you are not passionate about it, why should they be? The more passionate the person who is in charge of the fundraiser is, the greater positive impact it will have on the actual fundraiser, and even the uncreative events can succeed.

2) Innovative

It is often times common and easy to go with the simplest option. However, the more innovative and creative one is, the more likely people are going to respond well. Having a T-shirt or Frozen Yogurt fundraiser is repetitive and reusable, while coming up with something new, creative, exciting and personal can offer much more opportunities for fundraising.

3) Organized

A good fundraiser must be organized. There is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes when raising money and awareness for causes or organizations. If things get lost or misplaced, the fundraiser can collapse. The more organized the fundraiser is, the more smoothly it will run.

4) Optimistic

Sometimes, your ideas and actions do not succeed as you had wished. The more optimistic and hopeful one is, the more it shines through and people often gravitate towards these kinds of people. The more optimistic you are, the more happy you seem, and the more people will want to help you and do business with you. If you have a negative view on things, people will associate your organization with this behavior, and that is bad for both your own self esteem and the organizations status.

5) Team Player

Many times, a fundraiser is created by multiple people or to help multiple organizations. It is extremely important to be a team player in this case. It is hard to produce a successful fundraiser, and often times delegation must be made. If one is not a team player, there will be many consequences for not only their own success but their coworkers success. Being a team player makes everything run smoothly and gets the job done much quicker.

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6) Result Focused

When creating a fundraiser, there is a purpose. It is good to be focused on the result and be aware of what you are looking for as an outcome. To have goals of the amount of money you want to be raised or what you hope to achieve from this fundraiser, it will help keep you motivated.

7) Motivated

Though there are many ups and downs while holding a fundraiser, it is much easier to get the job done while being motivated. The goal at the end is what you are working towards and you will get through all the bumps and cracks along the way to reach that goal with the right amount of motivation.

8) Persistent

There is a difference between pushy and persistent. If you are persistent, you do whatever you can possible to get the word out and make your fundraiser a successful one. Sure, that may mean going to a store four times in one week to make sure they are handing out flyers, or knocking door to door and giving the same speech over and over again. It may mean making phone calls to company over and over just to be hung up on time and time again. But if you are persistent, it will show, and often times will pay off. Companies want to know you are dedicated to the cause before they become involved.

9) Selfless

A fundraiser is most successful if it is a selfless act. If you go through a lot of trouble to raise money for the community center in your town and for purely a selfless reason, people will see that and will have a desire to help you. The more selfless the act is, the better you will feel for reaching your goal and the greater others will feel for helping the cause.

10) Intelligent

You have to be knowledgeable and intelligent about the organization you are fundraising for. You must be able to answer questions, and give background information while sounding intellectual and confident.

Many of these characteristics overlap, without one, the others may not succeed. These characteristics help ensure that the fundraiser is strong and successful, and will allow you to grow your funds for the organization you are supporting.


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