How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Nonprofit or Charity’s Cause

Social media platforms are making it easy for businesses and organizations to share their mission with the people who care about them most. Charities and nonprofits have the ability to broadcast their message to thousands of loyal followers in a matter of minutes.

google plus for business How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Nonprofit or Charity’s Cause

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If you’re looking to gain followers for your charitable organization and build loyalty through a social media account with your nonprofit, Google Plus can help you get to where you want to be.

Google+: The Basics

It’s easy to join the Google+ social network. All it takes is a Gmail account. Fill out the appropriate fields with your charity or nonprofit’s information and you’re all set to start using your account!

Google Plus will find some other Google Plus users with the account you’re using. These are people in your Gmail contact list who are also using Google Plus. Add these people in your circle and you can see their updates whenever they post pictures, messages or article links on their page. When someone adds your organization to his or her circle, your organization’s updates will show up in their feed as well.

Work Together and Form Partnerships In Your Community

Connect with organizations and businesses in your community who support your cause. More than likely, they will have Google Plus pages as well and would love to hear what your charity or nonprofit is up to during the year.

google plus circles photos How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Nonprofit or Charity’s Cause

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Google Plus hangouts allow users to meet with other users simultaneously, making it easy to speak online through video chat. Staff members from one organization can speak with staff members from another organization, broadcasting the meeting to Google Plus viewers. This is a great way to show your community members how you’re working together to promote a joint event and discuss how they can get involved.

Building the Brand You Want

A Google Plus page is a great place to begin cultivating your brand online. When a prospective client or contributor to your organization sees your Google Plus page, what do you want them to remember about you? When a Google Plus user skims through your page, how do you want them to feel?

google plus page examples How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Nonprofit or Charity’s Cause

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All of these questions have to deal with branding. It’s the way you differentiate your organization from other organizations that do similar work. With each and every photo, comment, status message and article you share, you are building your organization’s brand.

How It Works With Search Engines

It’s fair to say that Google+ is Google. That means that what you post on your Google Page syncs with the search engine itself within a certain amount of time. This is great for the content you make for your audience. Whenever someone, somewhere on the Web is searching for information about what your organization deals with, they can be lead to you through Google’s search engine.

The more often you post and the more often it’s shared, the more likely your content will show up in Google’s search engine. To increase your chances of pushing your content to earlier pages on Google’s search engine, make your posts relevant to your cause.

Engage With Your Followers & Create An Online Community

Your organization’s Google Plus page is perfect for letting your followers know what’s going on with your charity or nonprofit. If you’re hosting an event, post information that will give them a good reason to attend. If your organization’s hosting a giveaway, remind your followers how they can participate and encourage their friends to participate too!

google plus community photo How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Nonprofit or Charity’s Cause

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Social media platforms are great for answering questions from your followers about your organization. Take some time during the week to respond to other users. Commenters who post on your Google Plus page want to hear from you! Show up in the comment sections and thank your followers for their kindness and feedback.

Forward Your Followers Back To Your Website

Social media networks should lead your followers back to your website. From there, you can direct them to blog posts, news updates and volunteer opportunities.

Take a look at where you’re linking back to your website. Could someone who has never visited your charity or nonprofit’s website easily find what they’re looking for? Make sure it’s easy for a user to find your organization’s mission statement, contact information and volunteer opportunities.

Above all, keep your charity or nonprofit’s mission in mind whenever you choose to post on your Google Plus page. There’s no reason to post every hour of the day, but updating your page regularly will help your followers know who you are, what you do and how they can be a part of your organization’s altruistic cause.

 How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Nonprofit or Charity’s Cause