What Your Small Business Should Know About SEO

 seo for small businesses What Your Small Business Should Know About SEO

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing a websites visibility for certain keywords/quires within search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What Is A SERP?

A Search Engine Result Page is the list of websites that appear after a query is entered into a search engine

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Why Should You Care About SEO

According to “ Quora “ approximately 1 Billion people use Google’s search engine a month in 2011, while Yahoo and Bing are around 600,000 and 900,000 users a month. Every year people are increasing their purchases online, using Google, Yahoo and Bing as a medium to connect them for whatever they desire. Having good rankings can be the difference between having an okay business year or having an amazing year.

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SERP Ranking Factors in 2013:

Back in the early Late 1990’s to the early 2000’s squeezing your keywords on your homepage, header, footer, meta titles, meta description, meta keyword and buying massive amounts of links were one of the main ways to increase chances for high rankings for specific keywords.

(note* buying links now and keyword stuffing – what was mentioned above – will get your site penalized, which will result in a site being ranked in the high 100′s for their keywords or even worse –the dreaded non-index)

Now there are over 200 signals that Google using to rank pages, but what should a small business focus on? Here are 3 basics SEO tips for small businesses :

Link To Relevant Websites & Content – If you are selling calendars online, you should be linking to other calendar websites. Or if you are a wedding albums website, it would be beneficial to link to wedding related websites.

Keep The People Entertained – Make sure your site is interesting and easy to navigate. Keeping users on your site for long periods of time  lets Google know that your content is relevant to their search. If they leave right after they arrive from Google, Yahoo or Bing, this will increase your bounce rate and will hurt your sites rankings in the long run ( hint* maybe start a blog and create compelling content for your users)

Be Active On Social Media – Connect with your customer base via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Search Engines see Social Media activity as a positive signal (there’s some debate as of now about Google+ being the most influential in SEO)

What Tools should I be using to track my Campaign?

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Google Webmaster – Google Webmaster is the brains of the operation, it’s the diagnostics and tools for a Google friendly website.

Bing Webmaster – Bing webmaster is the same concept, but specifically for Bing.

Google Analytic’s – Google analytic’s is a great tool for tracking your incoming traffic. It allows you to set up goals (i.e – software downloads or lead sign ups) and lets you measure your websites traffic pattern, sources and referrals with ease.



 What Your Small Business Should Know About SEO